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Developer BitTorrent, Inc.

This is the most popular torrent client in the world with good reason. It's fast, light on system resources and very flexible. Latest releases ...

Bit Che

Developer Convivea, Inc.

Bit Che is a framework and script language for searching Bit Torrent websites. Bit Che uses user submitted and customized ...


Developer Bitberry Software

FinalTorrent is a free-to-use torrent client for Windows OS. FinalTorrent comes with support for several ...

Free Torrent Download

Developer DVDVideoSoft Ltd.

In order to make the most of the popular peer-to-peer networking technology, you need a simple – yet sophisticated ...

FreeTorrentViewer Module

Developer Free Torrent Viewer

Torrent Viewer is simply the best torrent client ever to be created, which carries plenty of features ...

uTorrent Acceleration Tool

Developer P2PAccelerators

uTorrent Acceleration Tool optimizes uTorrent downloads. This program has a simple interface with one-click ...

Remote Torrent Adder

Developer BOG

Remote Torrent Adder is a browser extension that allows you to add torrents using several programs' WebUIs. This extension allows you to send ...

Torrent Opener

Developer TorrentOpener

Torrent Opener is a simple torrent file viewer and downloader, it is a tiny BT client. A torrent file is a BT (BitTorrent) ...


Developer TorrentStreaming

TorrentStreaming is a simple program for streaming videos directly from a torrent file. After installing, you are presented with ...

Torrent Beast

Developer Torrent Beast Software

Flash! Torrent

Developer Waninkoko

Flash! Torrent is a BitTorrent client that includes a small web browser for navigate in the webs about BitTorrent ...

Free Torrent Viewer

Developer Bright Access

Free Torrent Viewer is a P2P client for Windows computers. It allows you to download torrent files and to ...

Torrent Junction

Developer justvb

Torrent Junction is a software which lets you quickly search bit torrent sites for files and makes searching for ...

Torrent Assault

Developer Torrent Assault

Torrent Assault is a mass BitTorrent uploader. It allows you to easily announce your torrent files to over 10 different torrent sites ...

Hide My Torrent

Developer AVSoftware

The best torrent client traffic anonymizer available in Internet! Completely hide your p2p torrent downloads! Hide My ...