Torrent Bitrate Changer

torrent bitrate changer
4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer
This program allows you to modify your Mp3 files' bit rates.
4Musics Inc.
Walyk Wallpaper Changer
Application for Windows to manage your Wallpaper.
Walter Alexander Amaya.
Watch your desktop come alive with this free and easy to use Wallpaper changer.

Torrent Bitrate Changer

Caps Lock Changer
Disable Caps Lock or Change Caps Lock to Underscore or Other Key.
4Musics OGG Bitrate Changer
Change bitrate of OGG files in one click at high speed and quality!
4Musics Inc.
Shock IP Changer
Useful free tool to ease the process of connecting to various networks.
Scale Changer
App that can play MIDI files with various scales and tunings.
4Musics WAV Bitrate Changer
4Musics WAV Bitrate Changer, change WAV bitrate in one click!
4Musics Inc.
JaSMiN 3D Color Changer
Very helpful in changing the Windows default look.
JaSMiN Co.
Screensaver and desktop changer for Gallery2.
Conor Boyd
12noon Display Changer
Display Changer changes the display resolution, runs a program.

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Torrent Bitrate Changer

MP3 Bitrate Changer Pro
Tool for changing bitrate of MP3 files.
Audio Converter Pro.
4Musics WMA Bitrate Changer
"The WMA (Windows Media Audio) format is an audio format developed by...
MP3 Bitrate Changer
Change the bitrate of any MP3 file.
File Extension Changer .NET
.NET version of File Extension Changer.
Theme Changer
Simple Theme Changer allows users to switch themes from any page.
Fustrate, Simple Machines
SQL Server Password Changer
Handy password recovery tool.
Top Password Software, Inc.
Voice Changer
It lets you change voice pitches and audio playback speeds of sound files.
AthTek Software
AthTek Free Voice Changer
Free Voice Changer which can turn the voice pitch up and down in 24 semitones.
AthTek Software
Smart DNS Changer
It can change your DNS settings to access blocked websites.